Are you a Book Ambassador? “Work Smarter, Play Longer” is now Live!

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Whoop! Here we go! 

Just wanted to let you know that my third book, Work Smarter, Play Longer is now available on Amazon! In this pre-launch period, I hope to gain some early reviews while my book is 0.99 cents. Reviews are like author gold on Amazon. They tell other potential buyers that the book is worth checking out. 

If you expressed an interest in being a book ambassador, now’s your chance! You can pick up the book from Amazon via this link:

Here’s what to do:

1. Download the book on the .99 cent special and read it.

2. Return to the Amazon page and write your honest review.

3. Tweet about my book, if you are so inclined –> Tweet This!

4. Share your thoughts about the book on your favorite social media sites. The easy-to-remember link is

5. Don’t forget to grab your free copy of my Productivity Apps and Hacks book at!

Here are some things you can share with others about my book: 

In this book I talk about things that all of us deal with:

-How to find more time to enjoy life by being more productive with our work

-How to overcome perfectionism and enjoy being imperfect! (Hint: imperfect people are a lot more fun).

-How to give a swift kick to procrastination and jump start your goals

-How to save a ton of stress, drama, and frustration by letting go of expectations

There is a lot here for anyone to enjoy!

I’ve also created a free ebook companion, “Productivity Apps and Hacks” in which I share:

-Calendar apps that help you organize your family’s schedule and send you email reminders

-Email apps that push important information to your to do lists

-Writing and content management apps to organize your work flow

-Blogging and hosting apps and programs for help promoting your content on the web

-Social media tools to organize your social sharing

-Apps for play! Because play is an important part of my book, apps for lifestyle enjoyment are included as well.

I hope you find this content helpful! Thank you so much for your support of my work!

Tara Ross 



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