5 Ways to Have More Time for Fun

Are you a procrastinator? One of the most frustrating things about having a lot to do is the desire to put it off. It is, after all, a lot easier to scroll through Facebook or read books on a Kindle. Yet, there are important things to be done, and you do want more time for your family and friends; maybe you even want more time to work on your goals and dreams. Maybe you just want to have more time to enjoy each day. In my new book, Work Smarter, Play Longer I share my journey with procrastination and how you can overcome it, too.

Overcoming procrastination is not just possible, it’s motivating!

I don’t know about you, but once I see stuff getting done and my checklist dwindling down for the day, I’m eager to just get ‘er done! You may find these tips helpful:

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1. Determine why you are procrastinating.

It’s not because you’re lazy; after all, you are productive in many areas of your life. Is it because you are a perfectionist and putting off a task is easier than doing it less than perfectly?

2. Break tasks down into smaller parts.

My books are called “Daily Actions” for a reason: small, measurable tasks that you do each day are easier to accomplish than the big, life-changing goal.

3. Delegate.

You are not a super hero. Sorry. Don’t mean to steal your joy, but it should be liberating to realize that. Empower others to work with you and to help you by delegating. If you are a perfectionist, this may be difficult. But delegating to members of your family, to employees, or to an assistant will enable you to accomplish so much more for your family, company, and in life.

4. Work in fun teams.

If you have an unpleasant task, get a friend to work with if appropriate. Make the unpleasant something enjoyable by connecting it to something that you like: music, location, a show or podcast on in the background.

5. Set up rewards for yourself.

Align unpleasant tasks with a fun goal or reward. Enjoy a night out, give yourself time to read a new novel, or spend time with friends. Give yourself something to look forward to when the task is done.

Bonus tip:

Use apps to turn off social media and email so that you can focus to get your work done. My productivity apps free ebook will help get you started.

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Enjoy your journey!




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