Mixing it up: Why this Social Media Strategy is Exponentially Better

Combining Social Media Platforms

-Tara Ross, author, Daily Actions for Social Media Mastery: 75 Daily Challenges to Help you Expand your Reach, Build your Platform, and Establish your Online Authority


Mix it up!

The mistake that too many content marketers make is pushing their content out to social media and stopping there. Yes, that will yield some results, but imagine if you could harness the power of individual social media platforms and combine them for even greater effect? Interested? Read on!

Determine the best social media platforms to be on based on your goals.


Why are you pursuing social media options? Perhaps you are:

Job prospecting?

Consider: LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, Google+ communities, and Facebook Membership groups

Developing online authority in your niche to enhance your client base?

Consider: YouTube (create your One Channel), Google+ (sign up for authorship), webinars (Google Hangouts on Air), Facebook fan page, and your personal blog, write an eBook, Google+ community

Sharing your expertise?

Consider: eBook authorship, online course on hosted site (such as Udemy), eCourse (on your blog), email course (30 day course with daily challenges), Facebook fan page, Google+ community

Building your customer base?

Consider: Pinterest to promote products, embed Pinterest board on your website as your own store, Facebook fan page to promote products/services, create Google+ community

Enhancing your SEO?

Consider: Google+, Amazon ebook, YouTube channel, Google Hangout on Air, Google+ authorship linked to your blog.

You can read much more about each of these methods in my book, “Daily Actions for Social Media Strategy” on Amazon.

Cross Promote Among Platforms


Knowing the right platforms to use based on your goals and then how to use those platforms is a critical first step. However, don’t stop there. What you want to do next is to cross-promote your brand across social media platforms.

Here are 5 excellent ways to get you started:

  1. Promote your eBook content on your blog and then create post from that on Google+ – Doing this not only gets your content in front of your followers but also enhances your search engine optimization in Google.
  2. Create infographics of content from your blog post or Google+ or Facebook post to share on Slideshare, linking back to source of original content.
  3. Take photographs of your products, maximize them using Pinwords, and create a Pinterest pinboard of your products. Then, share some of those pins on Facebook. Embed the pinboard on your website. See how to do these things here.
  4. Repurpose content as webinar for Google Hangout on Air, and then create PDF of presentation to upload to Scribd and Slideshare
  5.  Ask reviewers of your products or services to send a tweet or post a Facebook post with their comments. Then embed those tweets on a “testimonials” page on your website. See an example.

Interested in more ideas? Grab the complete checklist of 20 cross-promotional ideas by subscribing to my blog below. No worries…it’s a spam-free zone.





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