Work Smarter, Play Longer

PrintThe book is done!  The cover is designed!  The words have been edited!

After nearly 3 months between book launches, I’m about ready to release my third book in my “Daily Actions” series. When I talked to my fans in my Laptop Lifestyle group on Facebook, they told me that what they really wanted to learn about was how to be productive enough so that they could live a laptop lifestyle.

So I got to work.

I wrote about how to organize your life so that you can do more with greater efficiency. But, that also seemed to be rather robotic to me. After all, if our goal is just to do more, more, more, where’s the joy in that? The goal is to enjoy life, right? So, the thesis behind this book is to make your life more productive so that you have time to be unproductive. Ah yes…think of yourself swaying in a hammock. :-)

My book is called, Work Smarter, Play Longer. Like my previous books, it’s set up in a series of challenges to complete and consider. The point of writing my books that way in this series is that I truly believe small, daily actions are much more productive and successful than large sweeping changes we try (and often fail) to implement suddenly. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Release yourself from URGENT modeIt’s a Pre-Launch, and You’re Invited!

I plan to launch my book the week of March 17th. I would love to have you come on as one of my book ambassadors! What this means is that when the book goes live, I will let you know and you have the option at that point to go to Amazon and purchase it for an early price of .99 cents. Your purchase at .99 cents means that your review will show up as an “Amazon Verified Review”. These are quite valuable to me because these reviews carry greater weight. However, I do know that times are really tough. If you just need the pdf for your review, I will send that to you. If you purchase the book but would also like the pdf, I can do that, too!

But wait…there’s more!

One more thing! My ebook will also have an absolutely free, downloadable companion ebook that you can get right here on my website. It will be a collection of my favorite productivity, writing, email, and time management apps. Everybody loves apps…and this ebook comes with lots of pretty pictures, too. You’ll looooove it. Promise!

If you are interested in serving as a book ambassador, please reply below! I will reach out to you in a day or two with more information. Thanks so much!

~ Tara



5 thoughts on “Work Smarter, Play Longer

  1. I would love to be an advocate for your new book Tara.The thought of flip- flops again on a sandy beach is what many of us need.We certainly don’t need yet more work and no play.Look forward to reading the new strategies!

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