Productivity Apps – A Beautiful Guide

Enjoying Some Non-Productive time in (2)In my book, Work Smarter, Play LongerI discuss strategies for making your life more productive so that you have time to be unproductive. But sometimes we also need to know the tools of the trade. And who doesn’t love a great collection of apps? Um…no one! And even more, how about a great list of apps that will get you organized, give you ideas for enjoying life, AND is presented in a beautiful ebook for your viewing pleasure??

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productivity ebook imageOkay, then! Let’s go. In this gorgeous PDF using the iBook layout, I walk you through 11 brief chapters of my favorite apps and hacks for productivity. I throw in a few fun apps along the way. Are you ready? You know you are. Let’s go!

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2 thoughts on “Productivity Apps – A Beautiful Guide

  1. Terrific information in this book. I especially liked the “unplug” apps. I just installed Unplug and Reconnect on my phone. Thanks for that recommendation.

    I would be interested to know your thoughts on OneNote vs Evernote now that OneNote is free for Windows and Mac. I currently use Evernote to manage everything I do, but I’m always on the lookout for better :)

    • Hi Paul, and thanks for your reply! I’m all for free; and I used the free version of Evernote for a long time. Eventually I ran out of room. Ha! I think there advantages to both apps, and it usually comes down to personal preference. I like the organizational preferences of Evernote, so I’ll likely say that’s my choice, but I think it’s probably like the dogs or cats question in terms of which one to choose. :-)

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