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Welcome to my Video Tutorials page!


From “how to” videos, to webinar recordings, to discussions of travel tips and tricks, I think you will enjoy the videos I have created. Please bookmark this page so that you can return to it easily while you are reading Daily Actions for Social Media Mastery.

Learn how to set up your Facebook Fan Page for your business or for content promotion:

Want to embed your pdf document into your LinkedIn profile? Check it out here:

Learn how to set up your Google+ Fan Page – it’s a different beast from Facebook, so do it!

Create a Vanity URL for your Google+ Profile URL

Optimize your website with your Google+ Badge

Add a Pinterest board to your website:

My YouTube Channel Trailer made with Animoto:

Transfer a playlist from one YouTube account to another:

Turn your playlist or collection of videos into a section on the front page of your YouTube channel:

Social Media Webinar used to promote my upcoming book, Daily Actions for Social Media Mastery. While the webinar was geared toward college faculty, the book is for anyone looking to develop a social media presence and strategy.

Embed Scribd Documents on your Website

Using Pin It Bookmarklet and Creating Manual Pin

Create a Google Hangout and Embed on your WordPress Blog

Rearrange and Add Descriptions to your Pins on Pinterest

Using Pinwords for Pinterest

How to Create a Section on your YouTube Channel



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