Wandering for Wifi in Venice, Italy

Feeling slightly claustrophic

Feeling slightly claustrophobic

In a Facebook discussion today, several online professors were talking about how they remain connected to their online classes while on vacation. It got me thinking about Stan’s and my 2010 trip, which ended with a Mediterranean cruise. While finding wifi on the ship was not a problem, it was expensive. Whew! I went through two…TWO…ultimate packages of connection time, for a total of about $600. Craziness. If I had known then what I know now about international mifis, I would have saved several hundred dollars. But I digress…

We were in Venice, Italy, which aside from the squares and canals is really claustrophobic, and not at all wifi friendly when you’re trying to find a free open-air signal or trying to use the remaining minutes on your air card you purchased in England and thus trying to find a mobile signal. No such luck.

Cute little buildings line the square where we had dinner and wifi.

Cute little buildings line the square where we had dinner and wifi.

Stan and I happened upon a square…no, not St. Mark’s. I’m not even sure which one it was, but it had a few open air restaurants, and lots of interesting buildings surrounding the plaza. I desperately needed to get online to check in on my students. Stan and I each took out our iPhones, and holding them in front of us started wandering around the square looking for a wifi signal…any wifi signal. Occasionally we’d hear each other across the plaza saying, “Found one! Oh wait…no…too weak” and then we’d wander on. We wandered over to the restaurants determined to order food if we could get a wifi signal. At the outer reaches of the dining area – where the tables were far enough into the plaza that one could have gotten hit by tourists playing with little flying toys sold my street vendors – we found a signal. Success! We ordered dinner, wine, and got out our laptops. It was a great class. :-)




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