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An online professor's favorite sign...ever...while on shore in St. Maarten's.

An online professor’s favorite sign…ever…while on shore in St. Maarten’s.

Everyone who telecommutes immediately realizes the value of finding that free or cheap wifi hotspot. Help me update this list of the best places in hot tourist destinations! Please post a comment of a particularly great wifi hotspot you came across in your travels!

This website provides a searchable database of wifi hotspots throughout the United Kingdom. Just type in the town you are visiting or the postal code and it will display locations of wifi availability (both free and for a fee).

www.hotspot-locations.com offers a global directory of wifi hotspots that you can filter by country, region, and what type of wifi you seek (only free? free or purchased?). In some instances, pictures are available of the location of the hotspot, helping you to pick out which Parisian cafe you would prefer to use.

France hotspots:

Chamonix: http://www.chamonix.com/free-wifi,21,en.html



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